Sunday, February 8, 2015

Proud mom

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Well hello

So obviously I haven't kept up with this blog. Life has sped by before I knew it. Chris is in college, Alexa is looking to start college, Kelsey is in band and Bailey is a Minecraft queen who wants to be a youtuber. I work for Humana from home. I visit members in their home educating them on disease processes, medications and resources. Brent works for Fedex repairing their computers. 

I haven't made a scrapbook, ATC card or greeting card in years. I've started quilting and have decided to sell my scrapbook items to make room for quilt supplies and a new machine.
Well let's see where life leads us next.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


I can't believe I've been a Catholic all my life and have never experience Holy week the way I have this year. My husband is becoming a Catholic tonight and with everything he is going through it is so emotional.
Chris is getting so big and in a few months will be in High school. He is going to be in marching band and I am so proud.
Alexa's arm is healing and she is going to therapy twice a week. She is wearing a brace that forces her arm as straight as possible. She is doing great with soccer and her team has one a few games.
Kelsey makes her First Communion on her 8th birthday. She is growing so fast. She has started soccer and is already saying she is better than Alexa. Sisterly love.
Bailey has just got over strepthroat but has developed a streprash. Poor thing looks so funny with the rash. I am just happy it doesn't seem to be bothering her.
I am doing well and love my job still. Of course still not happy with all the changes taking place with the management. Oh and Brent has a new job. Doesn't pay as well but it's a job. I just hope he continues to grow.
Well thanks for stopping by and sorry I don't update more often.

Friday, January 1, 2010


I can't believe how much life has taken hold and changed. 2009 was such a whirlwind. First Brent starts working from home so I finally get to start working with home hospice. Love my new job. Then things start to change. My BIL was diagnosed with brain cancer (currently doing well). Brent loses his job (still looking). Alexa breaks her elbow. I know I am blessed to have a loving family but still can't believe how things started so well and now seem so bad. I just pray that God is looking out for my family and that things begin to look up.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So of course with 6 in a family we all had to go through the stomach virus before hopefully it is over. The night of the 14th or should I say the morning of the 15th at 2am Bailey started the week long trial of vomitting and well you know. LOL. Last night and today was my turn. We all started the illness in the middle of the night. I hope that we are all over it and then maybe I can get caught up on all the laundry as you can imagine.
On other news my brother in law went to the doctor today to get the pathology results from his brain tumor. Well apparently the local pathologist said there was something "different" about the tissue and sent it to the mayo clinic for final results. So we are hoping for news tomorrow. So please keep the prayers going as they are so stressed right now.
Now on a lighter front. I finally got my new camera. Yeah I've been wanting this since before Christmas. It is my Christmas '08 and this year's bday present. It was perfect that I got it before Alexa's soccer game and Bailey's bday. So of course I went crazy with photos. Here is a good one of Chris and one of Kelsey that I like. I also took some sequential photos of the kids running and Alexa playing soccer. I just love it. I can't wait to learn to do more things with it.

Friday, April 10, 2009

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My brother in law had 75% of a lemon sized brain tumor removed last night. They do not believe it is cancer but won't be sure for 5-7 days. He may go home as soon as Sunday. I believe the car accident was a blessing in that it let them know he had the tumor before it could do too much damage. They were unable to remove the whole tumor because it is around a major artery and any manipulation would have left him paralyzed on the left side. So although he may have to have more surgeries he for now is doing ok and each day is another day we were unsure he would be with us. So thank you God as I know you are GOOD.